Speak Now 1 Unit 1 Lesson 1 – 4 Video

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  • Speak Now 1 Unit 1 Lesson 1 - 4 Video

    Speak Now 1 Unit 1 VIDEO Scripts

    Eric: Hi.
    Jill: Hello. Sorry to bother you. My friend and I are new to the building. We’re in apartment 3F.
    Eric: Oh, welcome to the building!
    Jill: I hate to ask, but do you have a broom?
    Eric: A broom? Oh, sure. Tom, where is our broom?
    Tom: Hold on.
    Eric: Please, please, come inside.
    Jill: Thanks. By the way, my name’s Jill.
    Eric: I’m Eric. And this is my friend and roommate, Tom.
    Tom: Here you go.
    Jill: Thanks. Oh, are you new to the building, too?
    Tom: Um, no. Why?
    Jill: Oh, never mind.
    Maria: Jill?
    Jill: I’m in here. Come and meet our neighbors. This is Tom and this is Eric. This is my roommate, Maria.
    Maria: Hello. How’s it going?
    Tom: Not bad.
    Eric: Pretty good.
    Tom: Excuse me for a minute.
    Jill: That smells good. What’s for dinner?
    Tom: I’m not sure yet. But right now, it’s tomato sauce.
    Eric: It’s pasta and tomato sauce. He always makes pasta!
    Tom: I do not! Hey, I have an idea. Stay and have some with us.
    Maria: Oh, um, but we need to clean our apartment.
    Tom: Come back in about 30 minutes.
    Jill: Are you sure? That’s really nice of you.
    Maria: Yeah. Our refrigerator is empty.
    Eric: I’ll text you when it’s ready. Can I get your number?
    Jill: Sure. It’s 555-3992.
    Eric: I’m sorry. Can you repeat that?
    Jill: 555-3992.
    Eric: Got it.
    Maria: Thanks, guys. We’ll see you soon.
    Jill: Bye.
    Eric: See you later.
    Tom: Bye! I hope you’re hungry!
    Tom: Hm…What should I make?
    Eric: Aha!
    Tom: What? I like pasta. Eric? Will you ask Jill to bring the broom?