Speak Now 1 Unit 2 Lesson 5 – 8 Video

Speak Now 1 Unit 2 Lesson 5 - 8 Video

Speak Now 1 Unit 2 VIDEO Scripts

Maria: I don’t know what to get Jill for her birthday.
Tom: Hm… how about a ticket to a baseball game?
Maria: Jill doesn’t like baseball at all. Actually, she doesn’t like any sports.
Tom: Really? I love sports! Well, what does she like?
Maria: She likes music.
Tom: What kind?
Maria: She loves hip-hop and heavy metal.
Tom: Heavy metal?! Oh, I don’t like heavy metal.
Maria: Me neither. I think it’s too loud.
Tom: Who’s her favorite singer?
Maria: Well, her favorite hip-hop artist is Kanye West.
Tom: Me too! What about you?
Maria: I don’t really like hip-hop.
Tom: Well, do you like any bands in particular?
Maria: I like Coldplay.
Tom: So do I! I have all their CDs. Hey, what do you think of getting her a CD?
Maria: Jill never buys CDs. She downloads all her music.
Tom: Why don’t you get her tickets to a concert?
Maria: That’s a good idea.
Tom: Let’s look online.
Tom: Here’s something. Susannah Mason. What do you think of her?
Maria: The folk singer? I think she’s great, but Jill doesn’t like folk music.
Tom: How about this? Hip Hop Madness. It’s tomorrow night. Tickets are $35.
Maria: It doesn’t sound interesting to me.
Tom: It sounds fun to me! It’s at 8:00. Doors open at half past seven.
Maria: Let’s look for something else.
Maria: Hey, what about this? Tickets to the new musical Dance City!
Tom: I heard it was really good!
Maria: Jill loves musicals!
Tom: Perfect! Buy four tickets. It starts at 7:30, so we can meet at 7:00.
Maria: I’m buying them now.
Eric: Hi guys.
Tom: Hi, Eric. How was math class?
Eric: It was great. Math is my favorite subject.
Tom: Is there any subject you don’t like?
Eric: No, of course not. I love every subject.
Maria: Done!
Eric: What are you guys doing?
Maria: We just bought a birthday present for Jill.
Eric: Me too! Look guys! I got four tickets for the new musical Dance City! tomorrow night.

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