Letters and Sounds 1 Phonics Seatwork Text: Abeka Grade 1 5th Edition

Letters and Sounds 1 Phonics Seatwork Text - Abeka Grade 1 5th Edition Language Arts Series

OverviewLetters and Sounds 1 5th
From delightful poems to a coloring key based on vowels, this work-text makes phonics fun! Letters and Sounds 1 provides daily exercises to reinforce the phonics concepts vital to the mastery of reading skills. Each phonics element is systematically reviewed using activities such as marking vowels and circling suffixes, completing sentences, filling in missing letters, matching rhyming words, solving puzzles and riddles, and more. Give your child a well-rounded review and application of phonics with this full-color book featuring themes of the zoo, the farm, the ocean, and spring

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