Speak Now 3 Unit 3 Lesson 9 – 12 Video

Speak Now 3 Unit 3 Lesson 9 - 12 Video

Speak Now 3 Unit 3 VIDEO Scripts

Maria:   We have some time before we meet Eric and Tom.
Jill:         We should walk around and go shopping!
Maria:   I want to do my hair, too!
Jill:         That sounds fun! Where should we begin?
Maria:   Let’s ask the hotel clerk. I’m sure she can recommend places to visit.
Jill:         Hi Pam.
Pam:      Good morning.
Maria:   We want to look around. Can you tell us where we should go?
Pam:      Sure! I have pictures I can show you too. One thing you should do is walk around Central Park. It’s in the heart of the city. You can get a cool view of the city.
Jill:         That’s a great idea. Do you know of any good places to eat?
Pam:      The East Village is great. You can get Indian food, Japanese food, just about everything!
Maria:   Can you tell us if it’s expensive?
Pam:      It’s cheap compared to the rest of the city. Oh, and another thing you should do is go to Times Square! It’s beautiful at night.
Jill:         What about shopping?
Pam:      Oh, go to Soho. It can be crowded, but there are tons of shops in that area.
Maria:   Wow. Is there also a place where I can get a cool hairstyle?
Pam:      Hm… I know a guy who does fabulous hairstyles. Here’s his business card.
Jill:         I’m afraid you gave me a room key.
Pam:      Oh! Sorry.
Jill:         That’s OK.
Pam:      Here it is. Have fun, ladies!
Tom:      They should be here soon.
Eric:       Wait. I think that’s them.
Jill:         Hi guys! I had such a great time today!
Tom:      Hi Jill. Where’s Maria?
Jill:         he should be here soon. I think that’s her…
Tom:      That’s definitely not Maria.
Tom:      Um. Nice. Um. Day, huh?
Eric:       Yeah.
Maria:   Did you guys notice?
Eric:       Hm… notice what?
Maria:   My hair. It’s the coolest hair style I’ve ever had! So New York!
Jill:         It’s definitely fabulous.
Maria:   You guys should totally go to Daniel LaBute’s salon too!
Jill:         Oh and we’re late! Let’s go!
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