Speak Now 3 Unit 2 Lesson 5 – 8 Video

Speak Now 3 Unit 2 Lesson 5 - 8 Video

Speak Now 3 Unit 2 VIDEO Scripts

Maria:   Wow, this hotel is really nice.
Jill:         Yeah. It’s better than the pictures.
Jill:         Good afternoon. We’re here to check-in.
Hotel clerk: Hi. Do you have a reservation?
Maria:   Yes, we do.
Hotel clerk: Can I have the name of the person who made the reservation?
Jill:         Jill Willcox. W-I-L-L-C-O-X.
Hotel clerk: Thank you. Hm… Looks like there’s no reservation.
Jill:         But, I’m sure I made a reservation.
Hotel clerk: I have a Till Millfox.
Jill:         That’s me. Just spelled wrong.
Hotel clerk: May I see your driver’s license? But it says Jill Willcox. And the reservation is for Till Millfox.
Jill:         Right. The person must have took down the wrong name.
Hotel clerk: I see.
Maria:   Can we speak to the manager?
Hotel clerk: I’ll call him. Bob? This is Pam from the front desk. I have a Jill Willcox who says the reservation was made as Till Millfox. Uh huh. Hm… Huh. OK. Thanks.
Jill:         What did he say?
Hotel clerk: Nothing. It was his voicemail.
Maria:   Listen. We paid for the hotel.
Jill:         Here’s the credit card.
Hotel clerk: Very well. So, you are Till!
Jill:         No. Yes. Nevermind.
Hotel clerk: Here are your room keys. You can help yourself to hot tea and coffee in your room. You can’t make noise after midnight and you can’t have any parties.
Maria:   OK. No parties.
Jill:         Thank you.
Hotel clerk: Front desk. Who? Till?
Jill:         No, it’s Jill - Yes. It’s Till Millfox from room 401.
Hotel clerk: Oh, hi. How can I help you?
Jill:         The light in our room isn’t working.
Hotel clerk: Hm. It may need a new light.
Jill:         Yes, it does.
Hotel clerk: Oh. Would you like me to send someone to fix it?
Jill:         Yes.
Hotel clerk: I’d be happy to call Bob for you.
Jill:         OK. Will he come soon?
Hotel clerk: As soon as he answers the phone.
Jill:         OK, thank you.
Maria:   Jill?
Jill:         I’m on the phone.
Maria:   I can’t see anything!
Jill:         Please, send someone soon.
Hotel clerk: I can bring some flashlights while you wait.
Jill:         Yes. Thank you!
Hotel clerk: Now where are those flashlights? Here they are.
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