Speak Now 2 Unit 8 Lesson 29 – 32 Video

Speak Now 2 Unit 8 Lesson 29 - 32 Video

Speak Now 2 Unit 8 VIDEO Scripts

Casey: Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?
Jill/Maria/Tom: Hi Casey!!
Casey: Hi everyone!
Jill: How do you like Sydney?
Casey: I love it! I think it’s an amazing city. Everyone is really nice and the city is just beautiful.
Tom: Did you go to Kakadu National Park yet?
Casey: Not yet. I just got here.
Maria: How’s the weather?
Casey: It’s warm during the day and colder at night. But I have lots of sweaters, thanks to Jill.
Jill: Ay!
Casey: I have to tell you guys something that happened.
Maria: What happened?
Eric/ Tom: Tell us! What?
Jill: Sure!
Casey: Before I got to my hotel, I was really excited. But when I got to my hotel, I felt awful! It was nothing like the pictures.
Jill: Oh no!
Casey: I complained, but they wouldn’t give me my money back.
Maria: That’s terrible.
Casey: After that I left to find another hotel. I was walking around when I noticed something.
Tom: What? What?
Casey: I found a wallet. There was a lot of money in it, but no ID.
Eric: How much was it?
Casey: Around 3,000 U.S. dollars. What would you do if you found all that money?
Tom/Jill: Wow. That’s a lot of money.
Maria: If I were you, I’d give it to the police.
Tom: I’m not sure I agree. You could stay at a nicer hotel!
Jill: I don’t know what I would do.
Eric: I would be honest and give it to the police.
Maria: I feel exactly the same way.
Casey: OK. So, guess what I did?
Jill: You kept it!
Tom: You spent it!
Casey: Nope. I did what Eric and Maria would do and gave it to the police. And guess what?
Jill/Tom/Eric/Maria: What?
Casey: As soon as I turned it in, the man who lost the wallet contacted me! It turns out that he owns one of the best hotels in Sydney!
Tom: No way!
Casey: Yes way! So I get to stay for free!
Eric: That’s awesome!
Tom: Wow!
Maria: See, it pays to be honest.
Casey: I have to go, I have a tour, but I’ll see you guys again soon!
Eric/Tom/Maria/Jill: Bye Casey! Travel safe! Be careful!
Tom: Can I see Tommy?
Casey: Bye guys!
Eric/Tom/Maria/Jill: BYE!

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