Speak Now 2 Unit 7 Lesson 25 – 28 Video

Speak Now 2 Unit 7 Lesson 25 - 28 Video

Speak Now 2 Unit 7 VIDEO Scripts

Jill: That’s all you’re packing?
Casey: Yes. I prefer to pack light.
Jill: OK. What do people usually wear in Australia?
Tom: It depends. Students generally wear t-shirts and jeans, if it’s warm.
Casey: In that case, I think I have all the clothes I’ll need.
Jill: It might get cold there.
Casey: But it will be summer.
Jill: Still. You never know. I have a thick sweater. You can borrow mine.
Casey: OK. Thanks, Jill.
Tom: Do you have boots for hiking?
Casey: I don’t know if I’ll go hiking. But I do have boots!
Casey: What do think? Isn’t the design nice?
Tom: I would get something more practical.
Jill: I have great hiking boots.
Casey: Would you mind if I borrowed them?
Jill: Not at all! Let me get everything.
Casey: I don’t know if I’ll have room.
Eric: Hi guys! What are you doing?
Tom: We’re helping Casey pack.
Eric: Sounds like fun! Do you have a book to read for the plane?
Casey: No… But I have my tablet. I use it to play games, watch movies, read books… Just about everything!
Eric: What if the battery runs out?
Casey: Well…
Eric: See? Then you won’t have anything to do. Don’t worry! I have plenty of books you can borrow.
Casey: OK…
Eric: I’ll go get them.
Tom: OK. And I have some things you will definitely need – including a first aid kit.
Casey: Right…
Jill: Here Casey!
Casey: Oh!
Casey: It will be warm there. I don’t know if I need all of this.
Jill: Of course you do!
Casey: OK, thanks Jill.
Eric: Hey Casey! You’re going to love these books! And I found something else you might need!
Casey: Huh?
Eric: These books are great! And you’ll need the snorkel and flippers when you go in the water.
Casey: Geez. Thanks Eric.
Eric: No problem!
Tom: Hey Casey. Lucky you! I found everything!
Casey: Oh!
Casey: Oh, boy.

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