Speak Now 3 Unit 7 Lesson 25 – 28 Video

Speak Now 3 Unit 7 Lesson 25 - 28 Video

Speak Now 3 Unit 7 VIDEO Scripts

Eric:       Tom got the advertising job at the company!!
Jill:         That’s amazing!
Maria:   Congratulations!
Tom:      Thanks guys!
Maria:   I’m not sure what kind of job I want.
Eric:       I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Sometimes, it takes time.
Maria:   You know, Jill is doing something cool these days. She’s starting a blog.
Tom:      That’s great, Jill! What is your blog about?
Jill:         It compares the different customs of the world.
Tom:      That’s interesting.
Jill:         Yeah, did you know that in some Asian countries like Japan and Korea, you’re expected to take your shoes off before entering the home?
Tom:      Really?
Jill:         But in America, we’re expected to keep our shoes on.
Maria:   That’s true.
Tom:      This sounds really interesting, Jill.
Jill:         It’s fun and I get to practice my writing. I just want to master writing.
Maria:   Right. Jack of all trades, master of none.
Jill:         Huh?
Maria:   What do you think it means?
Tom:      I have no idea.
Jill:         Jack of all trades is someone who can do many things…
Maria:   Right. And master of none means you can’t do any of the things really well. So, what would happen if Jill tried to do many different things and write?
Tom:      She would be a jack of all trades, master of none.
Jill:         But since my passion is writing, I should focus on that and “master” it.
Maria:   Exactly!
Jill:         Maria?
Maria:   Yeah?
Jill:         You should be a teacher.
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