Speak Now 3 Unit 5 Lesson 17 – 21 Video

Speak Now 3 Unit 5 Lesson 17 - 21 Video

Speak Now 3 Unit 5 VIDEO Scripts

Maria:   Tom isn’t picking up my phone calls.
Jill:         He isn’t answering mine either.
Eric:       He must be really upset.
Maria:   I can’t believe we forgot his birthday.
Eric:       I feel the worst! I live with him and I forgot.
Jill:         One thing you can do is talk to him when he gets home.
Eric:       He’s not really talking to me.
Maria:   We should have remembered.
Jill:         He’s not just an acquaintance either. He always says birthdays are his favorite days.
Maria:   What if we tell him that we remembered! We just didn’t say anything.
Jill:         think I could do that.
Eric:       I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that. We should be honest.
Jill:         What we should do is find him and apologize.
Eric:       I agree.
Jill:         Oh! I have an idea.
Maria:   What?
Jill:         What’s Tom’s favorite thing?
Eric:       Pasta?
Jill:         OK… Second favorite thing.
Maria / Eric:Oh yeah… Great idea!
Jill:         Check please?
Tom:      Happy birthday yesterday to me. Happy birthday dear Tom even though it was yesterday. Happy birthday yesterday to me.
Tom:      Hello? Anyone there?
Eric, Jill, Maria: SURPRISE!!!!!!!!
Jill:         Tom! It’s just us.
Eric:       Tom, we’re sorry we forgot.
Jill:         We’re really sorry.
Tom:      Guys! It’s OK. This is the best birthday ever! Two of my favorite things, pasta and surprises!
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