Speak Now 2 Unit 5 Lesson 17 – 21 Video

Speak Now 2 Unit 5 Lesson 17 - 21 Video

Speak Now 2 Unit 5 VIDEO Scripts

Eric: Oh, good! You’re here.
Casey: Hi. I don’t know where Jill is. She said she was coming.
Eric: I’m sure she’ll be here shortly.
Casey: So, what do you like to do in your free time, Eric?
Eric: I like to study… and exercise!
Casey: Right. I remember… you play tennis, bowl, and box.
Eric: I’m thinking of maybe starting baseball too!
Casey: Outside?
Eric: Of course.
Casey: I mean in the park, with a team.
Eric: No. But with video games, you can play anywhere. Even the park! It’s almost the same thing.
Casey: I don’t think it is.
Eric: Hi Maria! Have you seen Jill?
Maria: Yep! She said she was on her way down.
Eric: Hey, we’re going to a movie. Do you want to join us?
Maria: I’d love to, but I can’t. I have plans tonight.
Eric: Too bad. Maybe next time?
Maria: Next time. Bye.
Casey/Eric: Bye!/See ya.
Eric: We’re going to be late.
Casey: We have some time. We should be OK.
Jill: Sorry guys!
Jill: I’m so sorry. I know. I’m late. I, um, had to walk the dog.
Casey/Eric: You don’t have a dog.
Jill: Right. I, um… the traffic is just awful.
Eric: What? You live right upstairs.
Jill: I know! So we should really get going or we’ll be late!

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