Speak Now 2 Unit 3 Lesson 9 – 12 Video

Speak Now 2 Unit 3 Lesson 9 - 12 Video

Speak Now 2 Unit 3 VIDEO Scripts

Eric: Help yourselves. Enjoy.
Casey/Jill: Thank you. Thanks, Eric!
Jill: So how did your doctor’s appointment go last week?
Eric: Oh, not so well, actually.
Casey: That’s too bad. Nothing serious I hope.
Eric: Oh, no, nothing like that. I can’t sleep at night and sometimes my stomach hurts.
Casey: Oh, no!
Eric: It’s OK. My doctor said I should change my diet.
Jill: Change your diet?
Eric: Yeah, she said I should eat healthy. I think I eat pretty healthy.
Jill: Um… Well, it’s a not good idea to eat too much sugar.
Eric: No, of course not. The doctor said I should stop drinking coffee. But I love coffee. It’s been real hard. He said I should also eat more vegetables.
Casey: I can’t see you as a vegetarian somehow.
Eric: No, I don’t have to give up meat, but I should eat more vegetables.
Jill: I think you should exercise more. I exercise three times a week and I feel healthy.
Eric: Exercise? I bowl four times a week.
Casey: Really? That’s exercise.
Eric: Yeah! I guess it is.
Casey: Wow, you must be really good.
Eric: I beat all the other players! And I also box.
Jill: didn’t know that!
Eric: I box almost every day! I’m really good at it too. Boxing is definitely more fun than bowling.
Casey: Wow, you’re really athletic!
Eric: Yep. And I also play tennis.
Casey/Jill: Tennis?
Eric: Yep. Tennis was more difficult to learn than boxing. But I win almost every game now. You guys want to see me play?
Jill: Like, right now?
Eric: Sure!

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