Speak Now 2 Unit 1 Lesson 1 – 4 Video

Speak Now 2 Unit 1 Lesson 1 - 4 Video

Speak Now 2 Unit 1 VIDEO Scripts

Maria: Eric, how can you study and text at the same time?
Eric: Most of my classmates text, study, and tweet at the same time.
Maria: Hi Tom! How’s it going?
Tom: Good. How are you?
Maria: OK. Eric and I are studying. Well, actually I’m studying.
Eric: Hey! So am I.
Tom: Hi Jill.
Jill: Oh. Hey Tom!
Tom: What are you doing?
Jill: Oh, I’m waiting for my cousin. She’s on her way from the airport.
Tom: Your cousin?
Jill: She’s going to stay with Maria and me for a couple of months. Her name’s Casey.
Tom: Really? Where’s she from?
Eric: Los Angeles.
Tom: What’s she like?
Jill: Oh, well, she’s really fun. And…different. She’s really different from me!
Tom: Different… in what way?
Eric: Everyone. Casey’s in a taxi.
Tom: How do YOU know Casey?
Eric: We’re Facebook friends. She just updated her status. I’m in a taxi, and heading to Jill’s place!
Maria: How are you studying?
Eric: Trust me. I am.
Tom: OK. So, what’s she like?
Jill: Oh yeah, uh, well. She’s really into clothes. She likes to wear lots of accessories – things she makes herself. hats, scarves, and stuff.
Tom: So how old is she?
Jill: She’s… Let me remember… She’s --
Eric: 21.
Jill: Right. 21. Oh! I just got a text. Casey is --
Eric: Here!
Maria: Wow.
Eric: I know!
Jill: I’m going to get her.
Maria: OK, done! I’m finished with my homework.
Eric: See. I told you. Not many of us can do two things at the same time.
Jill: Everyone. This is Casey!
Casey: Hi!
Tom/Eric/Maria: Hi Casey!!
Casey: Nice to meet you. It’s cold here!
Tom: Let’s go get something warm to drink.
Maria: Coffee sounds good!
Jill: Eric?
Eric: I can’t. I have to do homework. But will you guys text me what you’re talking about?
Jill/Maria/Tom: No.

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