Speak Now 1 Unit 6 Lesson 22 – 24 Video

Speak Now 1 Unit 6 Lesson 22 - 24 Video

Speak Now 1 Unit 6 VIDEO Scripts

Tom: Your phone has a really cool design.
Jill: I really like it. It’s light and thin. I can even video chat with my friends! I also buy tons of apps.
Tom: How often do you buy apps?
Jill: I buy them every day.
Tom: Wow! That’s a lot of money.
Jill: No, sometimes they’re free.
Tom: I need a new phone.
Jill: What’s yours like?
Jill: Wow. That is really big.
Tom: Yes, but I can hear the other person really well.
Eric: Hi guys!
Jill: What are you doing, Eric?
Eric: Oh. I’m going to sell this chair online.
Jill: I’ll take it! Give it to me! I need a desk chair.
Eric: Hm….I can give it you for $40.
Jill: $40! That’s expensive. A new chair costs $40 at the Superstore. How about $20?
Eric: $20? I paid $50 for it.
Jill: How long have you had it for?
Eric: I’ve had it for two years, but it is in excellent condition. And it’s a very lucky chair.
Tom: How is it lucky?
Eric: I’ve studied for all my tests sitting in this chair. I always get As on all my tests.
Tom: That is lucky. Would you accept $30?
Jill: Tom! I want the chair. I’ll give you $35.
Eric: Wait. So Tom, you’ll buy it for $30? And Jill, you want it for $35?
Tom: I’ll give you $40!
Jill: I’ll take it for $40.50.
Tom: $41!
Jill: $42.50.
Tom: $55! And that’s my final offer!
Jill: Wow, that’s expensive for a used chair! Eric paid $50 for it.
Tom: Hm…You’re right.
Eric: Sold to Tom for $55! Take care of my lucky chair, Tom.
Jill: Wait. Why are you selling it in the first place, if it’s lucky?
Eric: My friend has a chair and he’s always gotten A pluses. I’m buying his lucky chair.

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