Big Science 3 Class Audio CD

Big Science - is an inquiry-basedscience course for Primary English Language Learners. It's a great option for schools that teach science in English. They can explore, learn and discover science through English.
Big Science encourages learners to discover new ideas, test what they mean and evaluate their understanding of concepts. It combines a rich variety of content (print, audio, video) with inquiry-based activities, ensuring students are engaged and motivated. Big Science has six levels and it's suitable for 6 to 12 year olds and 2 to 4 hours classroom teaching per week.
The course is based on the 5E learning cycle:
- ENGAGE: Pique students’ natural curiosity and activate prior knowledge of the topic.
- EXPLORE: Get students involved in the topic, providing them with a chance to build their own understanding.
- EXPLAIN: Involve students in the topic, providing opportunity to build understanding.
- EVALUATE: Students determine what they have learned and what they understand.
- ELABORATE: Challenge and extend students' understanding and skills by engaging them in new experiences and activities.
By bringing together prior knowledge and new ideas, learners are engaged in discovering connections before actively learning the facts and evaluating understanding.
- Big Science aligns to Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, building both core language skills and scientific practices.
- The 5E methodology is a systematic approach to discovering, exploring, questioning and understanding the world around us.
- The modular structure of Big Science allows teachers to choose which units to teach, based on what is right for their class.
- ELL support in the Teacher's Book, means all teachers can teach science with confidence. Language practice in the Workbook, means Students develop the language skills they need to engage with the science content.
- Students learn essential skills for success in school and future life - critical thinking, collaboration, communication and self-direction.
Big Science offers a natural extension to the CLIL content featured in Big English and Big English Plus. Teachers of these courses will feel familiar with the look and feel of Big Science, which is subtly aligned to Big English/ Big English Plus. As with Big English, there is an emphasis on developing not only subject knowledge but skills that have value in the world we live in – critical thinking, the ability to communicate and collaborate in different contexts, and digital awareness.

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