Doodle Town 2nd Edition

Overview the Doodle Town 2nd Edition

Welcome to the creative world of language learning with Doodle Town 2nd Edition! This comprehensive curriculum is designed to engage young learners in a unique and enjoyable language acquisition experience. With a focus on fostering creativity through doodling and interactive activities, Doodle Town Second Edition is set to redefine the way children aged 8 to 10 approach language education.

Doodle Town 2nd Edition: Unleashing Creativity in Language Learning. This four-level series gets very young learners ready for primary school by teaching them literacy, maths and phonics through fun activities, games and videos. A whole-child approach and a strong focus on creative thinking and global values, all underpin the programme, setting children on the right learning path.

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Doodle Town 2nd Edition

Doodle-Infused Lessons:
Doodle Town Second Edition is packed with stories, songs and animated videos that teach positive values, build key social and emotional skills and make the language learning experience fun and memorable. All the videos can be easily accessed via the Digital Student’s Book. Let’s take a look at some of them.
At the heart of Doodle Town Second Edition is the integration of doodling and drawing into language lessons. This innovative approach not only reinforces language skills but also sparks creativity, making the learning process enjoyable and effective.

What's New in Doodle Town 2nd Edition:

  1. Enhanced Interactive Learning: Our curriculum now features even more interactive activities, games, and hands-on projects to engage students in active learning experiences.
  2. Expanded Content: We've expanded our curriculum to cover a wider range of subjects, including STEM, arts, humanities, and social-emotional learning, to provide a well-rounded educational experience.
  3. Updated Doodle Town Characters: Meet new characters and explore new adventures with our lovable Doodle Town characters, who guide students through their learning journey with enthusiasm and joy.
  4. Teacher Resources: We've developed comprehensive teacher resources, including lesson plans, activity guides, and assessment tools, to support educators in implementing the curriculum effectively.
  5. Customizable Modules: The Doodle Town 2nd Edition Curriculum offers customizable modules, allowing educators to tailor the curriculum to meet the unique needs and interests of their students.
  6. Digital Integration: Embrace the digital age with our digital learning resources, including interactive e-books, online games, and multimedia content accessible across various devices.

Why Choose Doodle Town 2nd Edition:

  • Engaging and Fun: Learning is an adventure in Doodle Town, where imagination knows no bounds and creativity flourishes.
  • Holistic Approach: Our curriculum fosters holistic development, nurturing not only academic skills but also social, emotional, and critical thinking abilities.
  • Flexible Implementation: Whether in the classroom, homeschool, or online learning environment, Doodle Town 2nd Edition adapts to fit your teaching style and setting.
  • Proven Effectiveness: Backed by research-based methodologies and feedback from educators, Doodle Town 2nd Edition delivers results that inspire and empower students.

Key Features:

Thematic Content: Doodle Town Second Edition covers a range of captivating themes and topics, ensuring that the content is not only educational but also relatable and interesting for young learners.
Interactive Exercises: The curriculum includes a variety of interactive exercises that promote active participation, allowing students to apply language skills in real-world scenarios.
- STUDENT'S BOOK WITH DIGITAL STUDENT'S BOOK AND NAVIO APP: This blended solution comes with access to the Digital Student's Book and the Navio App. The Digital Student's Book includes course audio and video as well as interactive activities. The gamified activities in the Navio App encourage repetition in a fun way, leading to better language acquisition.

- DIGITAL STUDENT'S BOOK WITH NAVIO APP: This fully digital version of the Student’s Book includes interactive activities, as well as the audio and video content from the course, making it ideal for face-to-face or online classes. It also provides access to the Navio App with gamified activities.

- TEACHER'S EDITION WITH TEACHER'S APP: The Teacher's Edition is interleaved with the pages of the Student's Book and includes teaching tips and suggestions for ease of planning and teaching. The Teacher's App provides access to the Classroom Presentation Kit, Teacher's Resource Center and Teacher's eBook.

- DIGITAL TEACHER'S EDITION WITH TEACHER'S APP: The Teacher's eBook includes detailed teaching notes, teaching tips and suggestions for ease of planning and teaching. The Teacher's App provides access to the Classroom Presentation Kit and Teacher's Resource Center.

- ACTIVITY BOOK: The Activity Book practises and consolidates the language, values, and concepts introduced in the Student’s Book. Children practise fine motor skills which are essential for developing early writing.

- LITERACY SKILLS PAD: The Literacy Skills Pad provides further practice and extension of the literacy work done in the Student's Book, and focuses on areas such as fine motor skills, auditory and visual discrimination and letter-sound correspondence.

- MATH SKILLS PAD: The Math Skills Pad provides extra practice and builds on the numeracy work done in the Student’s Book.

- PHOTO CARDS: Photo Cards show the key vocabulary in Lesson 1 and can be used to develop early language and literacy.

- DOODLE BUNNY PUPPET: The Doodle Bunny hand puppet has a moveable mouth and can be used for encouraging creativity and critical thinking in class.

- FULLY FLEXIBLE COURSE: In CLASS, at HOME, or BLENDED - whatever your teaching situation is - we will support you every step of the way with the right course, digital solutions, training and technical assistance so your lessons run smoothly every time.

Four Levels of Learning:
Level 0 - Doodle Town 2nd Edition Nursery: The foundation level of this language learning journey - Introduces basic language concepts with a focus on creativity.
Level 1 - Doodle Town 2nd Edition 1: Builds on the foundation in the first level, delving deeper into language skills. Go to the next level and expand your language skills.
Level 2 - Doodle Town 2nd Edition 2: Expand your vocabulary and language proficiency, incorporate more complex topics and enrich your vocabulary.
Level 3 - Doodle Town 2nd Edition 3: Challenges students with advanced language concepts and encourages independent learning. Take language learning to the next level with advanced concepts.

External References:

Publisher's Page: Visit the official page of the publisher for in-depth information about Doodle Town Second Edition.
Complete Doodle Town Series: Explore the entire Doodle Town series for a comprehensive language learning experience.
In conclusion, Doodle Town 2nd Edition is not just a language curriculum; it is a journey of creativity and exploration for young learners. With its unique approach and multiple levels of learning, this series aims to make language acquisition an enjoyable and holistic experience. Embark on the adventure of language learning with Doodle Town 2nd Edition and witness the transformative power of creativity in education.

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