Speak Now 1 Unit 4 Lesson 13 – 16 Video

Speak Now 1 Unit 4 Lesson 13 - 16 Video

Speak Now 1 Unit 4 VIDEO Scripts

Jill: What are you doing, Eric?
Eric: Oh, I’m just studying for my history exam.
Jill: Your history exam? That doesn’t sound fun. You know, you look a little tired. Are you OK?
Eric: Yeah, I’m just really busy right now.
Jill: Do you go to bed late?
Eric: I go to bed around 11:30.
Jill: What time do you wake up?
Eric: I usually get up at 7:00. But I have a lot of homework and I’m working on Saturdays at that new supermarket. I’m trying to save money.
Jill: You need to go out and get some exercise. I exercise every day.
Eric: What kind of exercise do you do?
Jill: Just light exercise. Why don’t you come out with me next Sunday?
Eric: What do you do on Sundays?
Jill: Well, first I do some exercises at that really large park nearby. I get there at 7:30. I exercise for about fifteen minutes. Then I run on a trail for about an hour. It’s beautiful in the morning.
Eric: I know what you mean. I like that park too!
Jill: Next, I eat a delicious breakfast.
Eric: I really enjoy breakfast!
Jill: After that, I go for a swim nearby.
Eric: In the park?
Jill: No, there’s a really great place to swim near the park.
Eric: That sounds nice.
Jill: After that I play volleyball. I play with the same team every Sunday. You can join us.
Eric: How long do you play?
Jill: About forty-five minutes. Later I eat a big lunch.
Eric: I love big lunches! How about I just meet you for lunch?


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