Buy several products/or want to pay via PayPal

A. Buy only one/or several products (view list on vnafood):
- Copy the document name exactly, use the contact form with subject "Buy one product" to send me a request, I will reply with the product link (many products on the above list are not available yet with 2Checkout payment option - PayPal payment auto had failed ago). The price will be displayed before you click add to basket.
- You can purchase more than 1 document this way by listing the document name in contact form, after I reply with available links of products, you can click add to basket every one then make payment an oder.

B. You buy several products together and want to pay with PayPal
- Conditions for manual support: Total value of each order is more than $5
- Copy the exact names of the documents, use the contact form with the subject "Buy several products" to send me a request. I'll reply when it's ready.
- You send money from PayPal to me with content "Send to bundle ...", as soon as I receive it I will send you the full download links.
* You can also purchase a download package via PayPal using this contact form: Select subject download package and submit a request. Send money via PayPal with content "Send to pack". Please make sure you had an account and easy login, I will upgrade your account to the corresponding download membership package as soon as I receive the money.

PayPal account receive ***hmom**** (provide when email)
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Only contact to buy if you have enough trust here. If it's not enough, please stop!